Deltix, Inc. is headquartered in Natick, MA, United States. Founded in 2005, and with 65 staff, Deltix has established itself as a leader in the growing domain of software for alpha discovery and automated trading.

The Deltix Product Suite provides end-to-end support for all phases of the alpha discovery and trading life-cycle; including data collection and aggregation, model development, back-testing, optimization, simulation, and deployment to production trading. Deltix supports equities, futures, options, and FX. 

The Deltix Product Suite comprises QuantServer and QuantOffice software applications. All software has been developed by Deltix and as such is optimized for run-time and functional performance.

QuantOffice enables users to develop, back-test and optimize trading ideas. Such strategies can be based on market data (Level 2, Level 1 tick, intra-day and daily data), fundamental and digitized news. Equities, futures, options and FX are supported. QuantOffice is served with data by our datawarehouse, TimeBase. Optimized strategies are deployed "as is" for live trading in QuantServer which converts trading signals generated from into FIX orders and executes them on a DMA basis. The progress of the trading (that it is: status of orders, execution, P&L, performance and risk) is monitored in Trading Console.

Increasingly, Deltix is being deployed by sell-side firms to provide algorithmic execution and advanced analytical capabilities (modern TCA) for their buy-side clients as well quantitative surveillance and FX market making. 

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Natick, MA

Year founded


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51-200 employees


Quantitative Trading, High Frequency Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Big Data Analytics, Time-series Analytics, Complex Event Processing, and Advanced Execution Analytics