DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale

DekaBank is the "Wertpapierhaus" of the German savings banks. We claim to be the first choice for savings banks, Landesbanken and other network partners, offering the right product for each client. To live up to this claim, day in, day out, we have 4,000 people throughout the group working on ideas and products for our clients, building on the depth of knowledge acquired over ninety years in the capital and equity markets.

DekaBank's roots date back to the year 1918, when Deutsche Girozentrale (DGZ) was founded. Deka as an investment company was founded in 1956; DGZ and Deka joined forces to create DekaBank in 1999. With managed fund assets of about € 160 billion, approximately four million customer deposits and group locations in Luxembourg and Switzerland, the Deka-Group is one of the largest asset managers in Germany.

The Bank owes its success to its staff's experience and commitment, and its firm foundations: being part of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Being a permanent part of the world's largest financial combine means we can each do what we do best, with DekaBank creating funds centrally and savings banks serving customers locally. This combine principle is also reinforced by our ownership structure: savings banks sole owners of DekaBank.

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Frankfurt, Hessen

Year founded


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1,001-5,000 employees


Investmentfonds, Immobilienfonds, Zertifikate, Finanzierungen, Sparkasse, Investment Funds, Real Estate Funds, Emissions, Financing Operations, Wertpapiere, Securities, and Savings Banks