GROW LOANS AND MEMBERSHIP WITH OUR FREE TOOLS AND ANALYTICS. At SimplyCredit, our mission is to simplify and enhance credit access for Main Street America. We enable consumers to refinance their high-cost card balances with partnering credit unions through a seamless mobile and web experience that takes only minutes to apply. With a SimplyCredit account, members can apply for a credit union personal line, enroll credit and store cards, schedule line payments and balance transfers, and obtain monthly reports and support. In short, they gain greater visibility and control over their financial lives and immediately begin saving money. 

While our partners retain control over underwriting and make use of a free platform, the best part of our engagement is that it works. The application rate for our marketing campaigns have approached 6% and one of our partners grew lending by 4% in just three months. The service leads to other benefits, too, through deepened member relationships and membership growth. A SimplyCredit engagement can be rolled out in a few short weeks without lengthy integrations or setup. Our toolkit includes a management dashboard that reports applications, balances, payments and other vital business information. Our team has decades of experience in consumer lending and data science. Our tools are automated and free. Our fates are tied to the savings and financial success of your field of membership.

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San Francisco, California

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2-10 employees


Analytics, Loan Growth, and Consumer Finance