Sabre Fund Management

Sabre Fund Management has long been known as a leader in the market neutral, quantitative equity space, delivering solid returns for our investors since the inception of the Style Arbitrage Fund in 2002.

However, during the past 18 months we have undergone an evolution at Sabre, building on our award-winning Style Arbitrage investment process to allow us to provide Funds for a broader range of investors in all types of market environment. 

We now offer three distinct fully quantitative Funds (Sabre Style Arbitrage, Anaxis Sabre Style Arbitrage and the new Dynamic Equity Fund) built from combinations of three distinct strategies (Market Neutral, Beta Arbitrage and Dynamic Long Exposure).

Additionally, Sabre’s Global Opportunities Fund, marries systematic stock selection with discretionary stock picking to offer an equity style themed fund with a more concentrated global universe and a longer investment horizon.

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