Beacon Funding

Here at Beacon Funding, we’ve spent the past 25 years establishing ourselves as the premier, full service provider of financing solutions to all types of organizations throughout a wide variety of industries. Whether you’re an equipment manufacturer looking for a vendor financing partner or you’re looking to finance an equipment purchase for your business (think tow truck, boom truck, embroidery equipment), we have the expertise and support to help you succeed. 

At Beacon, we like to think that we have developed the ideal blueprint for running an equipment financing operation. It takes talented and dedicated employees nationwide to deliver the competitive and dependable equipment financing programs that our vendors and clients have come to expect. Not only do we have the financing knowledge, we’re also experts on the equipment we finance, so we have both sides of the equations covered. This means that we’re able to provide financing services to all types of businesses: new, established, and financially healthy and even those with a troubled credit history.

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Northbook, IL

Year founded


Company size

51-200 employees


Tow trucks, boom trucks, embroidery, screen printing, banker leasing, equipment financing, equipment leasing, and equipment loans