Logix Federal Credit Union

Logix is banking with a twist: customers become members and part-owners when they open an account here. 100% of our profits are returned to them in the form of better rates, lower fees, improved services, and increased reserves to maintain our unmatched financial strength. So while it may be intimidating to think that you own your own financial institution, having an account at Logix is exactly that. Maybe that's why over 96% of our members say they would recommend us to their friends and family.

We are proud of our Call Center, where more than 80% of all calls are answered by a "live" person (not a robot…or a recording). In addition, our branches welcome you with a continuously staffed concierge desk and free gourmet coffee; and we never needed or accepted bailout funds, because we've never lost a penny in 75 years.

You have many financial options, but owning your own financial institution? Now that's smarter banking!

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Burbank, CA

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501-1,000 employees


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