At Orchard, we believe that smartphone security in BYOD environments should be much better. We want to see the best possible relationships between the IT and security team and the rest of the organization.

One of the places that this relationship can erode is when it comes to securing BYODs. Employees really dislike the access to personal data required by MDM solutions. Mobile Device Management is yesterday’s technology: it was introduced at a time when companies purchased unsecure smartphones for their staff.

How times have changed! Employees are now bringing their own devices to work, and smartphone manufacturers (and operating systems) have introduced a slew of security features. Given these new trends, it’s about time we rethought securing phones used at work. Orchard’s software provides IT and Security pros reporting on whether or not members of their organization are using the security functions available on their phones. Things like the Fingerprint Sensor, Cloud backups, anti-theft precautions, etc.

The software is incredibly easy to use, and employees are incentivized to download the apps on their phones, which means that rollout can be a side project that last days or weeks, rather than a full-time endeavour that lasts months. 




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