CurrencyFair solves the pain experienced by anyone that needs to send money abroad. Expats, overseas home-owners, and SMEs typically pay large spreads (up to and even exceeding 5%) and high international transfer fees of around €25 on every payment. 

CurrencyFair helps its customer access the real exchange rate, while charging a small transparent margin on each transaction. While this charge varies depending on which currencies are being exchanged, the average margin is around 0.45% of the overall trade. In addition there is a small fee of €3 when transferring money out of your account.

Crucially, our pricing is consistent. This means that you’ll get the same great offer whether it’s your first or fifty-first transaction. Our average margin is just 0.45%, so you can be sure you’re getting a competitive rate. In our market, by choosing quick trade, you are guaranteed the best rate available right now.

If you require a better rate, simply post your funds onto the market place with your required rate, looking for a match.

CurrencyFair itself, as a regulated entity, provides security, and where required, liquidity, to ensure that the service operates safely and efficiently.



Financial Services

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51-200 employees


Privately Held




Online foreign exchange transfers, international money transfer, currency exchange, and forex