Keiretsu Capital

Keiretsu Capital was established with the express mission of fostering closer ties between Keiretsu Forum angels, the institutional investor community and Keiretsu Forum portfolio companies. Keiretsu Capital provides its investors access to proprietary deal flow by investing alongside the angels, providing additional capital to complete rounds and acting to source follow on capital where appropriate. Keiretsu Capital works to increase the value of investments undertaken by Keiretsu Forum members by assisting in the successful presentation of the portfolio companies to investors including syndicate partners, venture capitalists, corporate investors, and the public markets.

Keiretsu Capital aims to provide significant capital appreciation through investment in high quality emerging companies that have been funded by the world’s largest angel investor network, Keiretsu Forum, as well as other top tier angel groups. Comprised of serious investors, accomplished business leaders and serial entrepreneurs, our mission is to accelerate technology company success and pursue the high upside value potential in these dynamic investment opportunities while promoting the sharing of risk inherent in any early stage venture.

We recognize the crucial and active role that experienced angel investors can play in nurturing emerging companies, and draws upon the significant knowledge and expertise of our investors, Keiretsu Forum members and Keiretsu Capital managers to actively guide and support portfolio companies.

We seek opportunities in which a strong management team is in place to guide development of the core technology and the organization needed to realize the company’s market potential. Further, we will continue to seek Keiretsu Members that bring geographic diversity to our membership to enhance the probability of identifying investment opportunities and building a broad base of contacts and functional and technical expertise. 



Venture Capital & Private Equity

Company size

2-10 employees


Seattle, WA


Public Company




Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Co-Investment, and Syndication