Cobham is a leading global technology and services innovator, respected for providing solutions to the greatest challenges; from deep space to the depths of the ocean. Our ethos is rooted firmly in our history of innovation, leadership and empowerment, and we take great pride in solving the big problems that others can't. If it can be done, we can find a way.

Our core values have driven us from our launch in 1934 by Sir Alan Cobham, an aviation innovator, to becoming the hugely diverse, international technology company that we are today.

Cobham has a long track record of raising generations of innovators, pioneers and leaders, like Sir Alan, to be proud of. But more than ever, in a world of accelerating change and global competition, it is the talent Cobham attracts and encourages now that will underwrite its future. We're always working as a team to push back the frontiers, build failsafe components and expand our capabilities, and we need inspired, big-picture thinkers to help us fulfil our vision.

We are proud to employ around 10,000 people across five continents and have customers and partners in over 100 countries. 

We operate through four Sectors; Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions, Cobham Aviation Services, Cobham Communications and Connectivity and Cobham Mission Systems. Each Sector allows us to target the expertise of our employees directly to the specific needs of our customers. 



Defense & Space 

Company size 

10,001+ employees 


Wimborne, Dorset 


Public Company 




Wireless, Audio, Video & Data Communications, Satellite Communications, Defence Electronics, Air-to-Air Refuelling, Aviation Services, Life Support & Mission Equipment, Microelectronics, Antenna Systems, Motion Control Solutions, and Connectivity