Infotel UK Consulting

Infotel UK Consulting: Providing bespoke software solutions

As an affiliate of the Infotel Group, Infotel UK Consulting looks to continue their trend for excellence, by providing software solutions to companies across various sectors. This can include;

Integrated systems and applications development, management and maintenance, from web, mobile and database technologies.
Infotel UK can also provide implementations of various software packages, provision of technical expertise, consulting and both on and off-site sourcing

As part of the Infotel Group, we work with various leading consultancies and global software vendors as well as prestigious international clients. This allows us to provide a range of efficient, effective and high-performance software or enterprise solutions as well as reinforce our practical experience.

Infotel Core Businesses

At the heart of Service

Infotel provides consultancy, analysis, IT system audits, third-party application maintenance and software testing solutions. Infotel designs and implements, as service contracts or service desk, your management projects by implementing the most advanced methods and technologies, from mobile technology to major databases.

Software for your data

Infotel has developed software to assist you in areas such as DB2® operation (security, performance and management), data management and archiving, web-enabled or quality applications and relational database performance.

Infotel’s passion for IT as well as its knowledge of web, desktop and mobile technologies as well as major databases is something we want to share with you.



Information Technology and Services 

Company size 

11-50 employees 


Public Company