Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management

Kayne Anderson Rudnick is an investment advisory firm founded in 1984 to manage capital for its founders, including John Anderson (member of the Forbes 400 and benefactor of UCLA's Anderson School of Management). With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Newport Beach, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Scottsdale, Denver and Boston, KAR has over $22.8 Billion in assets under management, focused on institutional, broker-dealer and high-net-worth clients.

At KAR we offer a variety of actively managed equity and fixed-income strategies. Our investment philosophy focuses on the “high-quality” subset of the investable universe. We believe this emphasis on high-quality securities, anchored by fundamental research, will achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns for clients over a complete market cycle.
For equity securities, we define “high-quality” as a business characteristic that represents a company’s ability to control its market. This investment philosophy leads us to companies which we believe have low business risk as identified by certain financial characteristics, such as consistent and profitable growth, high returns on capital, strong free cash flow, and low organic need for external financing. We apply a “business analyst” approach to research and strive toward developing deep conviction in each of our portfolio holdings and, over time, an information advantage. For fixed income securities, our approach centers around an exclusive focus on high-quality bonds, intermediate maturities to mitigate interest-rate risk, highly liquid issues, a commitment to economic sector and maturity distribution, and a long-term vision.




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