Merian Global Investors

Merian Global Investors is a leading, independent, global asset management firm. While our name may suggest we are a relative newcomer, our roots in fact go back many years.

The company as it is now known was formed in June 2018 when its management team, together with funds operated by the global growth private equity firm, TA Associates, acquired the “single-strategy” investment capabilities of Old Mutual Global Investors. 

Our namesake is the remarkable 17th-Century scientist, adventurer and artist, Maria Merian. Often described as “the woman who made science beautiful,” Merian embodied the multi-faceted approach we take to investment. We call it “The art and science of investing.”

As an independent firm, we are committed to continuing to build a successful, specialised asset management business. Central to the future of our business is a belief that our clients appreciate the value of active investment management when it delivers what they reasonably expect.

Our strategy is to seek to attract and retain talented investment professionals, who are experts in their particular fields, and to provide them with the operational, risk management and distribution environment and support they need in order to thrive, yet without encumbering them with a blunt “house view” imposed by a chief investment officer. 

As an investment-led business, we strive to deliver investment strategies that are truly differentiated from those available elsewhere. As such, we are resolutely committed to active investment management; we target a high “active share” among our long-only strategies, and our absolute return strategies are expected to deliver on their commitments, while offering return profiles with a low correlation with other absolute return strategies.

Our clients include many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated financial institutions, including global banks, insurers, multi-asset fund managers, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and retail financial advisers.



Investment Management 

Company size 

201-500 employees 


London, England 


Privately Held 




Absolute return solutions, Absolute investment strategies, Long-only and long/short equities, UK equities (small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap), North American equities, Asian equities, Chinese equities, Emerging market equities, High-yield bonds, UK Corporate bonds, Precious metals, Asset Management, Institutional investors, Intermediaries, Private Investors, and Global equities