Nymex Capital Partners

NY-Mexico Capital is a boutique investment banking firm that is experienced in providing financial advisory services in connection with mergers, acquisitions and capital raising initiatives primarily for Mexican and other Latin American clients (hence our original name: NY for New York and Mex for Mexico!).  

The Firm dates back to 2013 when our Principals, including Julio Marquez and Jose Luis Terreros, recognized the growing need for financial advisory services from companies that traditionally operated strictly within their domestic markets but are now looking to pursue growth through international expansions. In three short years, however, the Firm has grown to service clients in other countries, including Europe and the Far East.  

Julio Marquez, Managing Partner, has over 30 years' experience in cross-border M&A and investment banking.  The Firm has representatives throughout the Western Hemisphere, including in Mexico, Canada, Central America, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. The Firm collaborates with financial affiliates and partner firms to assist our clients in diverse industries in structuring cross-border transactions to achieve their companies’ overall corporate strategies and business objectives.




Investment Banking 

Company size 

11-50 employees 


New York, NY 






Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Raising, Private Equity Placements, Private Debt Issuance, and Corporate Restructuring