Eris Innovations

Eris Innovations owns the patents behind Eris Swap Futures. As a product development and marketing company, Eris collaborates with partner exchanges to drive the growth of Eris Swap Futures and related derivatives products across multiple asset classes and currencies.

Eris USD Swap Futures are currently listed on the CFTC registered DCM, Eris Exchange, and these contracts will move to CME Group, trading on the CBOT exchange and available on the CME Globex platform, commencing on December 2nd 2018.

Additionally, Eris EUR and GBP Swap Futures and Eris CDX.IG and CDX.HY Index Futures are currently listed, traded and cleared at ICE exchanges and clearing facilities.



Financial Services 

Company size 

2-10 employees 


Chicago, IL 


Privately Held 




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