Rally Rd.

A marketplace for making investments in collector cars the same way you buy & sell stock. 

Rally Rd. is a first-of-its-kind platform where unique, high-value assets are securitized, split into shares, then offered up as equity investments to users of all income levels. Our mission is to democratize alternative asset investing by providing access, liquidity, and transparency to markets that have traditionally only been available to a select few.

Utilizing blue-chip classic cars as the initial asset class, Rally Rd. is the first platform allowing investors to create a portfolio of shares in individual automotive assets just like one would purchase stock in a public company.

Rally Rd. users can browse interactive content, analyze comparable asset performance, view provenance and ownership history, and chat with peers and experts in the field, all within a cutting edge interface right from their phone. While investing, users can track their returns over time and participate in unique live events and experiences exclusive to Rally Rd. members. 




Financial Services 

Company size 

11-50 employees 


Privately Held 




Alternative Investments, Collector Cars, and Interactive Automotive Content