Deposit Solutions

Deposit Solutions is a globally recognized Fintech company and the Open Banking platform for deposits. Its proprietary Open Banking technology provides an infrastructure for the global USD 50 trillion deposit market that benefits banks and savers alike. 

The platform allows banks to offer attractive third party deposit products to their own customers through their existing accounts. As a result, banks looking for funding can gather deposits from new markets and client groups without having to set up and operate their own retail infrastructure, and depositors can access best-in-class deposit offers without having to open a new account at another bank.

Deposit Solutions has a long track record of successfully working with banks across Europe and has already mediated deposits in excess of nine billion Euros through its proprietary B2C channels ZINSPILOT and Savedo alone. It employs a team of more than 250 highly qualified and motivated staff based in Hamburg, Berlin, London and Zurich and has local presences across Europe.




Financial Services 

Company size 

201-500 employees 


Hamburg, Hamburg 


Privately Held