Next Insurance

Here at Next Insurance, we believe in entrepreneurs, and in the small businesses they own and run. We know that each business is unique, and that running a business can be hard. It can also be amazing. We aim to support entrepreneurs like you by giving you the confidence of knowing you’ve got great coverage. With that knowledge, you are free to make big plans, take on new jobs and build your own opportunities.

We offer small business owners insurance that’s totally different:

Simple: You can buy a policy from us in just a few minutes, and it’s 100% online. There are no agents involved, and you can purchase 24/7, whenever is right for you. Once you’re a customer, you have access to our online portal. In the portal, you have access to free, unlimited Certificates of Insurance with Additional Insured added as needed. You can even file a claim, or update your payment method. Online access saves you time and frees you up to get back to what matters to you: your business.

Affordable: We use technology to eliminate agents and other expensive extras and give you prices that are incredibly affordable. We also don’t charge any extra fees, ever. Certificates of Insurance? Free. Additional Insured? Free. Monthly payments? Free. No service fees, no agent fees. No fees. Because we know that when you're running a business, you have better things to do with your money than paying extra for insurance you don't need.

Tailored: If you think affordable means giving up on great coverage, think again. Our insurance coverage was built from the ground up. A plumber and an electrician don’t need the same coverage, so we built them separate policies. Same goes for a yoga instructor and a personal trainer. Each of our policies is the result of hundreds of hours of work by our experts, to give you all the coverage you need, and nothing you don’t need.




Company size 

11-50 employees 


Palo Alto, California 


Privately Held 




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