Experienced Advisory Consultants

Experienced Advisory Consultants ("EAC") is a premier outsourcing solution providing Hedge Fund Pre-Launch Consulting, Finance & Accounting, Operations, and Treasury Services. Our team consists of seasoned investment advisory professionals with extensive experience developed while working at some of the premier organizations in the investment advisory industry. EAC has experience with clients from all life cycles of the business, from those in the pre-launch phase to large funds with well-established track records. The goal of EAC is to help the firm maximize operational efficiencies by meeting the rigorous requirements of current or potential institutional investors. Our clients range from start-up hedge funds to complex multi-billion dollar institutions.

Clients: Hedge Funds, Private Equity Organizations, Venture Capital Firms, Broker-Dealers, and Family Offices.

EAC is an experienced group of professionals that enjoy what we do - collaboration is at our core. As an organization, we continue to grow a community of diverse individuals and maintain that growth mindset to better ourselves, and our clients' experience. We strive to give clients the unique experience of working with us not as an "outsourced provider," but as a partner and an extension of their team.

Our goal at EAC is to be the leading service provider within the asset management industry.

At Experienced Advisory Consultants LLC (“EAC”), we cherish our work culture brought forth through our team’s broad range of experience in the Financial Service industry’s leading Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Investment Banks, Technology Companies, and every area in between! We define our culture as one cultivated by the people that work here. Every member of EAC from Associate to Partner has a say in what their journey is within the company, and what impact that journey has on our clients. We strive in having a fun, collaborative environment for our team, and for our clients. We see the future of the asset management industry and maintain the vision of fostering a culture of inclusion, well-being, growth, and innovation.