Client Testimonials


Chris Sullivan

Partner, COO, CFO, CCO at CastleKnight Management

WSC provides high-touch recruiting & research and consistently introduces top-tier candidates. At Blackstone, the WSC team recruited investment, research, marketing, and infrastructure hires. WSC is my go-to executive search vendor, they have the contacts, broad industry knowledge, and speed to get it done.

Jackie Morales LinkedIn Profile Picture

Jackie Morales

Chief Operating Officer at Security Benefit

WSC recently placed me in my current COO role. From start to finish, WSC’s team were professional, and I trusted them to drive the process. They did an excellent job preparing me for each meeting and keeping me informed throughout. I would highly recommend WSC for career options or companies looking to retain an experienced search partner.

John Janssen LinkedIn Profile Picture

John Janssen

Co-Founding Partner, CTO and Deputy CFO at NewVest

The team at Wall Street Careers are my top recruiters for identifying senior level investment, finance and technology professionals within alternative investments. They have covered my hiring needs at Credit Suisse Alternative Investments and McKinsey Investment Office (MIO Partners). They has extensive contacts, product/market knowledge and execution capabilities to quickly present a broad view of top candidates across the financial services sector.

John Merva LinkedIn Profile Picture

John Merva

Analyst at Silver Point Capital

I worked at Wall Street Careers while attending URI. Prior to graduating, I was introduced by Wall Street Careers to their client CIFC Asset Management and landed a great opportunity to work as an Investment Analyst on the Portfolio Management team. Steve and his partners have extensive relationships across asset management and alternative investments. If you are looking to hire buyside investment professionals, they are an excellent source for talent.

Jose Marques LinkedIn Profile Picture

Jose Marques

Chief Executive Officer at Intech

WSC assisted my teams at Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank with hiring technology, quants and sales professionals in equities / electronic trading. WSC has also introduced quality quantitative research, trading, developers and infrastructure candidates for my hedge fund and technology companies.

Rimpal Chawla LinkedIn Profile Picture

Rimpal Chawla

Founder & CEO at Anitya Ventures

WSC is one of the finest recruiters I have worked with. They are proactive, always scouting for opportunities, and are super networked to provide appropriate solutions. I would highly recommend WSC for any recruitment related matter.

Chad Hager LinkedIn Profile Picture

Chad Hager

Managing Director, Deputy CFO at CIFC

I highly recommend Wall St Careers. In my recent job search, they not only placed me in a great position but also provided the tools and guidance I needed to land the role. Their broad network of contacts enables them to source outstanding opportunities for candidates and top level candidates for employers. If you’re searching or hiring, Wall Street Careers should be one of the first calls you make.

Daren Schneider LinkedIn Profile Picture

Daren Schneider

CFO, CCO at JLL Partners

Over the past twenty years, I have been both a client and candidate of Wall Street Careers. They have expert knowledge of private equity companies and have extensive contacts across alternative investments. I have had excellent success with hiring talent and retention with their recruiting solutions.

John Spiridis LinkedIn Profile Picture

John Spiridis

Managing Director of Technology at Varagon Capital Partners

I have utilized Wall Street Careers' high-touch executive search services for several years for key hires in my departments. In the past, I have also been their candidate and they have identified outstanding career opportunities placing me as MD of Financial Operations at TPG and in my current role as Head of Technology Varagon.