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What Are You Without Your Resume?

What Are You Without Your Resume?

Your resume is a professional brand and door opener, don’t blow it!

Most Jobs have over 250+ candidates applying for the role. As a financial professional, your resume has an opportunity to be a door opener.

A well-written resume should get employers' attention and lead to more interviews and career opportunities.

The best way to evaluate your resume is to show it to your professional peers, connections in your industry, and recruiters. If a recruiter tells you it has issues but feels you have the right experience, he may advise investing in a professional resume re-write so you have better results on your initial impression.

Hiring managers, HR professionals, and recruiters are looking for the best-written resumes that detail your profile, credentials, responsibilities, achievements, education, certifications, and technical skills.

A chronological resume is a marketing tool and roadmap to help your interview go smoothly. To increase your chance of success, the resume must convey all facets of your job experience clearly and concisely.

Professional Resume Writers interview you and re-write your resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. 

Others feel the cost to improve their resume is not worth it. One must think about the potential lost opportunities, a long-drawn-out job search period with a loss of income/health benefits, or not getting the job you desired.

A good resume writer will interview the client and will ask a lot of questions about prior companies, responsibilities, experiences, training, etc. In addition, they will have you fill out a fact sheet to uncover relevant details that need to be added to the resume.

In the financial services industry, when you go pitch a client, you bring a marketing deck “aka pitch book.” It describes your company, your services, your mission, and your track record. Typically, a dedicated team has created the pitch book to ensure that the creative layout, including facts, grammar, product information, team bios and looks excellent before it goes to print or digital.

This is what your resume is supposed to do for you.